I invite you to browse through my portfolio of photographs. These images are a dramatic photographic collection of my journey through the wildernesses of the African continent over the past decade. It portrays the beauty of the continent and animals, wild and free, in an extraordinary way with a glimpse of the iconic landscapes and its inhabitants that have drawn people to these shores for centuries.


Africa is blessed with the boldest and most beautiful birds. This is a collection of my best images having chased them with a lens.

Crimson Wings

Fascinating odd and beautiful creatures. These birds of contrast seem fragile yet exist in some of the most inhospitable places on the continent.

Shades of Africa

Africa is a continent with many moods and rhythms that are reflected in the different shades of its diverse landscapes and captivating inhabitants.

East Africa

This is a land of great diversity. From the Great Plains to the Rift Valley and beyond, this original safari country has surprises in store around every corner.

African Residents

Meet the hairy, scary, colourful, attractive, giant, secretive, ugly, flamboyant, and gorgeous residents of this truly wild continent.

Dusk to Dawn

The end of the day blankets the landscape under starry skies while the predators come out until the first sun rays kiss the horizon to announce another day in Africa.