Safari Diary, SERENGETI – 2015/03/09


Photo Tour, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

9 March 2015

Our journey stared in Arusha and we arrived at 10am at the Southern Serengeti airstrip. We got to camp early and had time to settle in before the afternoon game drive. We were lucky to start our trip with a young male leopard up a tree. He was a beautiful specimen and we decided to stay with him for the whole afternoon as the light got better and he delivered some stunning poses. This was a great way to get our eyes in for the photography that would follow for the rest of the week! On the way back to camp we came across a Francolin on a termite mound, perfect for photographing against the setting sun!

20150309_0001 | , Serengeti National Park in Tanzania,    |    +    |   ,_


10 March 2015

Our plan for the day was to do a full day drive in Africa’s top park. We are based in the South and it took a whole day to drive up to the Seronera area in the middle of the park and back. The wildebeest are much more scattered in this flat land than up in the Maasai Mara when we photograph them in September, so we wanted to give our guests a good sense of the migration. We managed to get some great photos of wildebeest in good light and in dust and we also saw wild lions and a cheetah mother with her cub while enjoying sundowner drinks.

20150310_8791 | Wildebeest, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania1-2500 sec at f - 4,0, ISO 140   |   NIKON D810 + 500.0 mm f-4.0   |   Manual, -1 EV


11 March 2015

We had an exciting morning with a cheetah and her four cubs at a kill and the Kusini pride of lions having wildebeest breakfast. Some of the best photos of the morning was of the cheetah cubs chasing jackals. The mornings are usually best for game viewing and photography since it stays cool up to mid morning. The afternoon drives are usually a little quieter. This afternoon we found some birds to photograph and we ended with a stunning sunset.

20150311_9561 | , Serengeti National Park in Tanzania1-400 sec at f - 11, ISO 100   |   NIKON D810 + 500.0 mm f-4.0 lens   |   Manual, -1 EV


12 March 2015

The giraffe-on-a-hill-in-the-rising-sun photo was a perfect start to what turned out to be a great day! Not only did the Kusini pride of lions entertain us early in the morning, but we found the mother cheetah and her four cubs. We watched as she first made an unsuccessful attempt at bringing down a wildebeest and then photographed a successful kill from start to finish. In the afternoon we caught up with them again as she stalked a steenbok but then we enjoyed our sundowner drinks while her family lazied around a termite mound till sunset.

20150312_0147 | , Serengeti National Park in Tanzania1-1600 sec at f - 4,0, ISO 110   |   NIKON D810 + 500.0 mm f-4.0 lens   |   Manual, -1-3 EV

13 March 2015

Our last full day on safari started with an incredible sighting of jackal pups playing in golden light. We photographed general game for the rest of the morning before finding the same leopard we found on our first day, again resting up a tree. After photographing the leopard we decided to have sundowner drinks on the plains where we could see animals all around us with a setting sun on the horizon. This was the perfect way to say goodbye to the Serengeti. Tomorrow morning we can only photograph for a few minutes before catching the flight home.

20150313_0766 | , Serengeti National Park in Tanzania1-2500 sec at f - 9,0, ISO 4000   |   NIKON D810 + 500.0 mm f-4.0 lens   |   Manual, 0 EV


14 March 2015

A fabulous trip to the Serengeti came to an end with some early morning photography around the camp and then breakfast before the long trek home. Thank you to our hosts Isbjorn and Charlotte, and guides Hassan and Imma for a making it so memorable! We’ll see you all again soon!

20150314_1070 | , Serengeti National Park in Tanzania1-1600 sec at f - 8,0, ISO 1600   |   NIKON D810 + 500.0 mm f-4.0 lens   |   Manual, -2-3 EV


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