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Africa is a continent of incredible diversity. Glaciers on the equator, dense forests, endless savannas and bush country, lakes that stretch as far as the eye can see, deserts, mountains and miles of deserted beaches. This is the original safari destination and there is nothing like it anywhere else on the planet. Whatever part of this extraordinary continent you’d like to explore, whatever the adventure you seek, Isak Pretorius is the expert you will need to host the most enjoyable and memorable experiences within Africa, a continent he knows and loves. Isak is an expert photographic guide and highly acclaimed professional wildlife photographer specializing in taking you to breathtaking destinations and getting you the ultimate shots! Whether you’d like to get up close to the real Africa and its wildlife, by car, on foot, by boat or even by helicopter, he is the one to take you there and turn your dreams into the journey of a lifetime.

  • Scheduled Safaris

    If you’d like to travel with Isak in a small group of photographers, have a look at these scheduled itineraries:

    Mashatu Game Reserve

    MASHATU Photo Safari in Botswana

    04 – 08 APR 2019    |    09 – 13 MAY 2019

    US$ 2,900 per person

    With the dry season starting to take effect, the colours of Mashatu have changed to red and yellow, interspersed with soft greens. Along the rivers however, it remains very green and it is not uncommon to find leopard reclining in one of the large Mashatu trees. Predator viewing is at its best now. Thee soft rays of the winter sun make lion, leopard and cheetah really glow…   More details here >


    Mashatu Game Reserve

    MASHATU GREEN SEASON Photo Safari in Botswana

    24 – 28 JAN 2020    |    13 – 17 MAR 2020

    US$ 2,900 per person

    There is a little secret about Mashatu that not many people know: It looks it’s finest during the quietest tourist season; the month of January. The beginning of the year is when zebras give birth to the new generation, and Kudu start calving, the migration of large elephant herds into the area can be seen taking advantage of the new vegetation. More details here >



    01 – 08 SEPTEMBER 2019

    US$ 8,500 per person

    Nestled deep within the rift valley of Zambia lies a reserve that combines some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa in a setting as unique as its wildlife is diverse. South Luangwa, with the Murchison escarpment on its western border and the Luangwa River to the east is a reserve that conjures up scenes of classic Africa. Winter offers you the best dry season wildlife viewing…More details here >



    14 – 20 DEC 2019    |    14 – 20 DEC 2020    |    25 – 31 JAN 2021

    US$ 3,950 per person

    From Dec to April each year, South Luangwa transforms into a an emerald green jungle. The colourful vegetation adds a new dimension to the typical brown-toned photo portfolio of South Luangwa’s popular dry season. This safari is specifically designed to offer the most affordable way to experience a photo safari to one of Africa’s top National Parks in Isak’s favourite season. More details here >



    MASAI MARA MIGRATION Photo Safari in Kenya

    21 – 28 SEPTEMBER 2019

    US$ 6,950 per person

    Often described as “the greatest wildlife show on earth”, the wildebeest migration is a constant dynamic. But at one point during the cycle, a major obstacle stands in the way of the momentum. At first it causes a stutter and a pause, but then the surge comes, and millions of animals cross the Mara River in one of the most spectacular wildlife scenes on earth…   More details here >




    29 SEPT – 07 OCT 2020

    US$ 8,950 per person

    In October, the last remaining water in the Okavango, Chobe and Zambezi rivers becomes a magnet for birdlife and bird photographers. These are the best locations to find African Fish Eagles, African Skimmers, and Carmine Bee-eaters to name a few. Join us on this specialist bird photography safari where we focus to get the best waterbird photographs possible…  More details here >



    DZANGA SANGHA Photo Safari in Central African Republic

    26 APR – 03 MAY 2020

    US$ 12,800 per person

    There is an untouched wilderness in the far south-western corner of the Central African Republic (CAR) known as the Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve which forms part of the wider Sangha Tri-National Park and covers an incredible 6,865 miles (750,000 ha) of unspoiled and pristine rainforest in the heart of the Congo. More details here >


    BEST OF ZAMBIA Photo Safari

    01 – 13 DECEMBER 2020

    US$ 9,950 per person

    Experience three once-in-a-life opportunities in one dedicated photo safari. Join Isak in Zambia’s untamed wilderness to help you take world class photos of elephants walking through Mfuwe Lodge reception, the spectacular and elusive African Pitta, and a bat migration where 10 million fruit bats creates the largest mammal migration on earth… More details here >



  • Join me on an Exclusive Safari

    Africa is a stunningly diverse continent with an abundance of wildlife that covers all the major biomes. A photo safari in Africa can range anything from the Namib desert to the swamps of the Okavango Delta, the lakes of the Great Rift Valley, the great plains of the Serengeti and to the gorilla forests of Uganda. The photographic opportunities that the African continent offer is virtually limitless so finding an African photo safari for your particular photographic interests is guaranteed. With his extensive experience in Southern and Eastern Africa, Isak will take you to the best locations in the right season for the natural spectacle you are after, whether it’s photographing or experiencing African wildlife, birds, landscapes or cultures. As a your personal photographic guide, he will make you and your partner experience the real Africa in comfort and be hands-on with tips and tuition so that you come away with top class images.

    The trips are designed not only to help you take top class wildlife photos but also to offer the real wild African experience. Your photography is his priority no matter what level of photographer you are. The course will cater from beginners who have never picked up a camera before to serious amateurs and even professional photographers who have travelled to Africa on many occasions before. On offer is your choice of exceptional wildlife photography destinations and his ability to teach you the things he knows to improve your photographs. With extensive experience in wildlife photography, Isak will make sure you understand the concepts of light and composition and how that helps you to create stunning images. The objective is to offer hands-on guidance every step of the way to reach your full photographic potential. The guidance will extend to after the shoots when all can relax and review your photographs. In the digital age we tend to shoot too many shots so he can help you trim that down and edit the images into a beautiful portfolio.

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    Understanding this continent’s seasons and cycles is key to harness the full photographic potential on offer. Winter, summer, rainy and dry seasons are some of the most important factors to consider as they will offer different opportunities. With good local knowledge of the different countries and ecosystems, the safaris can be designed design to offers exceptional photography. Having lived in Africa his whole life and having traveling to these places as a wildlife photographer many times, Isak knows the best times to Host safaris in the different areas. For example, there is a certain time of the year that the animals in the Okavango delta disappear into Mopane woodland at the edge of the delta and a certain time of the year that the woodland is dry with the water level of the delta low, attracting loads of animals into the wetlands. Another example is the carmine bee-eaters nesting in the river banks and African skimmers on the sand banks of the Zambezi river. This only happens during a short window period when the water level is at its lowest.

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    Understanding wildlife behavior is key to getting exceptional images. As a highly acclaimed professional photographer he has the field experience necessary to understand wildlife behavior, getting you into position and ready to take the shot when the action happens. Working closely with the driver to consider orientation for good light, positioning and angles. Successful wildlife photography requires patience, anticipation and being in the right place. Isak has a talent of getting you to understand the key concepts of photography with years of experience running photographic safari. His passion and desire to share the beauty of Africa with others. With an established guidance style which is subtle with hints and tips to any level that you want to experience.

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    Being in the right place at the right time of the year is only half the job done. It is important to choose accommodation that will make you as comfortable as possible with all the luxuries that are required by the typical photographer, but most importantly it need to give you access to the good game viewing areas during the right time of the day to catch that golden light. Many of the photographic hotspots around Africa offers various accommodation options. Isak only works with the best lodges and with his experience of traveling to these hotspots as a photographer. Other factors to consider when choosing a camp are the exclusive use of a vehicle with the flexibility and freedom to work a specific subject or area, off-road driving permits and privileges, power to charge laptops and batteries, as well as good quality food catering for various diets and with the option of preparing breakfast or lunch packs. The perfect lodge will offer you beauty, freedom and true wilderness away from the infuriating crowds of tourists.

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    Normal African safaris are designed for game viewing, seeing as many animals as possible in the shortest time possible. Even the game drives at the top lodges do not specially cater for photographers and you might end up on a vehicle with people that are happy enough just to see the animals without any consideration of position, light and angles. These safaris will book private vehicles so that you have the photographic freedom of getting to the good game viewing areas in good light and also spend as much time as wanted at a particular interesting scene or subject. A good driver is key to a successful photographic safari. The drivers have expert local bush knowledge and know the places that will offer you the best chance of getting you the shot. By sitting in front of the vehicle next to the Driver, Isak will guide him to position the vehicle with the light and angle in mind to offer you the best photographic opportunities.

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    Most lodges offers early morning and late afternoon game drives that extend into the early evening. Depending on the type of safari they might offer walks, e.g. the gorilla safari, instead of game drives. Whatever type of activity Isak will be on hand with hints and tips to the level that you prefer, keeping it practical and informal in an environment where you are able to capture the best photos possible. It is important to him that you know the different type of shots that a situation offers and that you have the correct camera settings to pull the shot off. The objective is for you to have fun and to come away with top quality shots. In the middle of the day between the meals there is time for relaxation and to discuss your images on the computer. He is an expert in the latest photo management and development software and will not only teach you all the tricks to efficiently trim down your images into a stunning portfolio but also to tweak your images to look as spectacular as when you saw it through the lens. The basics of photography is important and needs to be understood: f-stop, shutter speed and iso, and how to use light and composition creatively to create spectacular photos.

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    Isak’s aim is to improve your photos. On the vehicle or back at camp he will be at hand to talk about your various photographic experiences and all aspects of photography. You will also b e able to ask about any aspects of photography that you find challenging. How to get sharp images, to track birds in flight, using fill flash or maybe questions about camera’s and lenses. Feedback on your images is one of the best ways to learn and improve. He always travel with his MacBook computer and can facilitate any feedback or workshop regarding wildlife photography that you require.

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    No need to stress! All your travel plans and co-ordination of all your logistics leaving you to enjoy the scenery and focus on your photography will be taken care of. By having Isak host and guide your African safari, he will make sure your trip through Africa is as pleasant an experience as possible. You can focus on the majestic scenery and your photography.

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    Contact Isak by phone or email, or even for a coffee, to discuss your dream trip. A time frame and with specific shots in mind is important as a first step.

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  • Destinations

    Here is a list of specialist destinations that I offer exclusive safaris to. Click each link for more information on that safari. If you have any questions please email me at isak@theafricaphotographer.com

    Mashatu – Tuli block of Botswana

    Chobe – Riverfront in North-East Botswana

    Okavango Panhandle – River front in North-West Botswana

    Okavango Delta – Wildlife paradise in central Botswana

    Serengeti – Open plains in Tanzania



    Maasai Mara – Open plains in Kenya

    Namib Desert – Landscapes of Namibia


    South Luangwa – Luangwa river valley in Zambia

    Sabi Sands – Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa


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